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The role of stores…

Boosting trafic

and engagement

Our points of differences

Turning stores into stories…

Image de Kyler Boone

Reinventing physical retail with


- Branding

- Experience

- Programming

- Geolocalized Media

- Social Media

- Omnichannel customer journey

Starting with experience : the Self vs the Shelf

1. How to be noticed ?

# Top Priority 


2. How to be preferred?

Based on usage and preference


3. How to be sustainable?

A successful Experience needs soul


4. How to make it sensational ?


5. How to measure success?

New KPIs

From retailers selling in malls to brands attracting audiences in stores

Image de Jakob Dalbjörn

1 . How to increase trafic in store?


2 . How to boost engagement and brand preference?


3. How to generate additional revenue with retail media?

- Deep knowledge of brand culture And commercial real estate

- Articulating physical and digital media channels

- Mastering GDPR Traffic analysis technology

- A unique know-how of creating Strategic partnerships

With : media, entertainment, start-ups, tech companies

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